Community Charities

Valley Community Fund Charities is a collection of projects and programs created by charitable and service organizations  . It is a section of ValleyCommunityFund. Org (VCF) a New Hampshire corporation designated as a “charity’ by the Internal Revenue Services. VCF is regulated by the New Hampshire Attorney Generals Office and reports to it annually

To see more details on VCF open in a separate tab or window to review all details of Charity. It is important for you to review details of VCF to understand how it works, terms and conditions, expense absorption and other matters. Submitting a donation affirms that you understand to your satisfaction how VCF operates. Please be assured that we make our best efforts to be fair and in compliance with all laws and regulations.

 To review the IRS charitable designation letter  click

 If you want to create a campaign read information in the Valley Community Fund website and link to

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