About VCF

VCF provides a way to:

Donate to charitable projects.

Start campaigns for charitable activities  

Valley Community Fund.Org Inc. is an IRS approved public 501(c)(3) charity. The purpose of Valley Community Fund (VCF) is to increase charitable giving to charitable and service organization on a federal income tax deductible basis. VCF uses this site for its own funding needs, sponsorship of capital campaigns for specific charitable capital projects and for sponsorship of campaigns for any approved charity or service organization. Contributions are made to VCF, which is an approved 501(c)(3) public charity. VCF then gifts the funds to the manager of the sponsored campaign.

 VCF intends to be almost entirely internet based and to use internet based communications, due diligence, accounting and gifting procedures to increase efficiency of operations and gift a higher proportion of contributions to charities than united ways.  We expect to reach many more donors and be much more efficient than other well-known community fundraisers. See FAQs

Any charity, service organization or individual can initiate a campaign for a charitable or service cause. VCF operates very much like United Ways' in accepting proposals, contributions and transfers to supported charities. START A CAMPAIGN

 VCF credentializes the proposed purpose and recipient. We arrange with the recipient for posting the campaign, use of trademarks, logos and photos, campaign design and editing services, use of funds as proposed in the campaign, secure funds transfer protocols, fees and other matters.  These procedures assure that contributions are deductible.

 We ask for donations as part of each supporting action to cover our costs, currently estimated at about fifteen percent of contributions. As is common practice, and as allowed by law, VCF expenses of operation are deducted from contributions.


A volunteer board sets policies and monitors compliance.

Ronald Michaud, Former Development Specialist West Central Behavioral Health

Cheryl Lindberg,  Former Business Development Officer at Mascoma Savings Bank; Treasurer, Town of Norwich, (1996 to present)

Paul Tierney: Founder and executive VCF;Serial Entrepreneur; Somewhat retired: Founder and former President Landmark Bank,Lebanon NH; Director Listen Community Services; Member Rotary Club of Lebanon, NH 20+, years currently chair innovation committee; Previously Treasurer Alice Peck Day Health System and Hospital, and director Upper Valley United Way; Previously: Founder & President Pinetree Power Inc. (Alternative energy power plants); Partner; Smith Batchelder & Rugg CPAs'; MBA Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College: Former CPA, CFP, RIA, Vietnam Vet.

Gabriel Martinez, Entrepreneurial Executive Consultant

Dan Nash, Professional engineer

Steve Usle,  Vice President Marking, Prudent Living Inc.