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Campaigns generally should be for a specific project or activity such as support a food pantry food purchase program as opposed to general administration of food pantry-This normally allows donors to specifically target the activates they wish to support. Campaigns should generally be managed through a specific charity or service organization as opposed specifically for an individual. This is necessary because of our agreement with the Attorney General's Office of New Hampshire, our state of incorporation and to preserve our own charitable status. In nearly every case of a compelling charitable purpose a nearby charity or service organization  can be identified to serve as a manager. A campaign has a much greater chance of success if a specific local charitable or service organization is the sponsor. For example a campaign to provide a college scholarship for an orphaned student should be managed by a local charity or service organization, such as a church or rotary club rather than just a campaign for education of Sally Smith. In practical terms most organizations and their members will have a much larger direct solicitation base than an individual. Don't be discouraged by this requirement: a sponsor can be found for every compelling campaign. If you need help identifying a sponsor please contact us for suggestions. Successful campaigns are very actively supported by local or affiliated organizations because they have their own extensive direct solicitation lists. Smaller, more individually oriented campaigns should be managed using "GoFundMe".

Campaigns of $10,000 are apt to receive the most prompt attention because they apt to do the most good and justify the total coast of administration.

The platform can be used for an incredible number of different types of campaigns. For example:

  • School supplies for disadvantaged children  sponsored by a teachers group
  • School lunch food purchases by a school in Thailand
  • Water purification for a village in Puerto Rico sponsored by a Lions Club
  • Replace a one room school in Montana
  • New medical equipment for a rural clinic in New Guatemala sponsored by a local Rotary Club
  • New medical equipment for a rural clinic in New Mexico sponsored by the Clinic
  • New sports equipment sponsored by a YMCA in New Your City
  • Rebuilding a church destroyed by fire sponsored by the Church.
  • Heating assistance for needy families sponsored by a Rotary Club in North Dakota.


New campaigns may be initiated by charities,service organizations and by individuals.

A campaign can also use the Campaign proposal to seek partners and volunteers

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Affordable Housing Animal Care Arts Boy Scouts Children’s Aid Community Service Dance Disability Disaster Relief Educations Emergency Environmental Faith Food Pantry Forest Conservation Free Meals Girl Scouts Health Care Homeless Shelter Human Crisis Human Rights International Aid Land Conservation Music Orphans Other Rotary Scholarships Veterans Water Conservation Wildlife Conservation Women’s Health

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Please review the Sample Engagement Letter for terms regarding campaign activities.

Generally communications regarding campaign terms and conditions are handled outside f the website by email. We understand that VCF will directly correspond with the proposed charity via email regarding specific arrangements such as use of its name, use of logos, payment processing protocols and other matters. Acceptance by a charity or service organization of responsibility for management of the funds for the proposed activity is essential for actively posting a campaign.

Thank you!