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In rural Ghana, Rotary members supply clean water and sanitation facilities to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

 Clean water is a basic need for human beings. When people, especially children, have access to clean water, they live healthier and more productive lives. However, at least 3,000 children die each day from diseases caused by unsafe water, which is what motivates our members to build wells, install rainwater harvesting systems, and teach community members how to maintain new infrastructure.

 While very few people die of thirst, millions die from preventable waterborne diseases, providing the impetus for our members to also improve sanitation facilities in undeveloped countries. Members start by providing toilets and latrines that flush into a sewer or safe enclosure and then add education programs to promote hand-washing and other good hygiene habits.

This campaign funds water projects in Ghana; These projects are managed by Walter Hughes of Rocky Mount Virginia Rotary Club-He has already brought water to 300,000 people in northern Ghana. 

Global Grant 17-57675’s goal is to provide communities with twenty-three deep wells, three small town water systems, two hundred twenty-one new Microflush toilets with hand washing sinks for homes and school in the Upper East Region of Ghana.   The total project budget of $191,808 will impact 16,712 people.  Approximately 8,230 people will be provided with clean drinking water from new wells.  Almost 161 WATSAN committee members in twenty-three communities will be trained how to maintain the water system in their community.  

Our campaign goal is $10,000 to support this great project and other Rotary Foundation Global Grants

Contributing Rotarians can receive Paul Harris credit by entering their Member number in the check out process. You can find your member number on the ROTARIAN mailing label or on the Rotary International website   


Here's a link to a Rotary International Video about the water projects

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The photos from Pihug and Happy Home Orphanage are from the prior global grant for Bolgatanga.  Pihug is a very deep borehole.  We used a hydraulic pump called a hydropump.    We asked the Wakii leaders for their dreams, vision and leadership for clean water in their community.  We also asked them to contribute funds for the new borehole.  We saw the existing hand dug well and walked to the homes from the tree where we met them.  We are building Microflush toilet blocks for men and women at the Bolgatanga Senior High School to replace pit latrines.  We are also building Microflush toilets for homes.




This video summarizes the results of a prior grant for water,sanitation and training in northern Ghana





from Walter Hughes, Jr.