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VCF is an IRS designated public charity under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to VCF may qualify for income tax deductibility. Charitable contributions still may be deductible under the new Tax Law. (Consult your adviser about your specific circumstances.)

The purpose of Valley Community Fund (VCF) is to increase charitable giving to charitable and service organization on a federal income tax deductible basis.

VCF intends to be almost entirely internet based and to use internet based communications, due diligence, accounting and gifting procedures to increase efficiency of operations and gift a higher proportion of contributions to charities than united ways.  We expect to reach many more donors and be much more efficient than other well-known community fundraisers. See FAQs.

Please support us directly with a donation. 

Or support us indirectly by donating to another cause through our site.

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